M.C. Mack – Immackulate


Track Listing

1. Comprehend (feat. Kano)
2. I Be Da MC
3. Call Myself Da Mack
4. Drug Song Part 2 (feat. Mac-Yo)
5. Act A Fool (feat. T-Rock, TC & Kano)
6. EZ Come, EZ Go
7. Fear of Not Knowing (feat. Scan Man)
8. Break Yo Kneez (1995)
9. Perfect Getaway (feat. Mac-Yo)
10. Bout A Hundred Rounds (feat. TC)
11. Muthafuckaz Like Us
12. We Don’t Just Rap
13. What’s Your Name (feat. Lil Corb)
14. Pull Up (feat. Trap & Diamondz)
15. Body Hang
16. Point Me A Tone
17. Touch Me It’z On
18. She Goin’ Part 2 (feat. M-Child)
19. Mack’s About His Hustle


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Additional information

Weight 6.00 oz
Artist Location

Memphis, TN


CD, Download




Kami Kaze Productions

Release Date

Spring 2017