Kalow – Take Flight

Kalow – Take Flight



Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Nothing Gone Save Ya
3. Rolling
4. Deep In The South (feat. Smoke Corleone)
5. Stuck to the G-Code (feat. DB Family)
6. G City (feat. Dr. Debo, Goldru$h)
7. Why Not (feat. Smoke Corleone)
8. Get This Paper (feat. Dred, Goldru$h)
9. Game Change (feat. Smoke Corleone, Nigel, Rem Steele)
10. Doe (feat. Dr. Debo, Smoke Corleone, Goldru$h)
11. Wut You Gone Do (feat. Dr. Debo)
12. G City Remix (feat. Down Pat, Gunjaman, Chapo, Lil Witness, Smoke Corleone)
13. Posse (feat. Smoke Corleone, Lil Tec, Goldru$h) [BONUS]


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Additional Information

Artist Location

Pompano Beach, FL


CD, Download




Take Flight Records

Release Date

February 2017