Bigg Five – Dat Cold Blooded Mixtape Vol. 1

Bigg Five – Dat Cold Blooded Mixtape Vol. 1


Re-Release. Bigg Five's Dat Cold Blooded Mixtape Vol. 1 features guest appearances from Yo Gotti, Criminal Manne and more.


Track Listing

1. Intro
2. What’s Up (feat. J Blac)
3. Yall Ni**az Police (feat. Tizzac)
4. Pedal To Da Metal (feat. YT) [Produced by Mac Suave]
5. Freddy Hydro Skit
6. Fire
7. They Know What I Rep (feat. J Blac)
8. Throw Yo Sets Up
9. Hydro Skit
10. 7 Figgas
11. Hydro Skit
12. Every Day I’m Juggling
13. Kaseo Skit
14. Good Brain (feat. J Blac)
15. We Ain’t Playing Wit Ya
16. Round Here
17. Hydro Skit
18. I Gotta Get It
19. Crack Music (feat. Yo Gotti)
20. Bigg Five Skit
21. I Just Lean Like Dat
22. Skit
23. You Ain’t Gutta
24. Hydro Skit
25. F*ck What Ya Heard
26. I Ain’t Got Time 2 Play
27. Skit
28. I’m Stacken My Chips
29. Hydro Skit
30. Get Money (feat. Criminal Manne)
31. Cold Blooded
32. Hydro Skit
33. T-Magic Skit


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