09 Sep

Music Industry Rethinks Exclusive Album-Release Deals

Frank Ocean

The music industry’s tradition of releasing albums via only one particular retailer or online service—often the one that pays for the privilege—endured through physical discs, digital downloads and into the streaming era. But at some record companies, the practice of granting “exclusives” now appears to be headed the way of the eight-track tape.

The music companies now realize that restricting desirable albums to one online service could limit the overall growth of subscription music—viewed by labels as key to their own long-term survival. In their place, streaming-music services are scrambling to hire well-connected “ambassadors” who can help them line up artists to make playlists, videos and other promotional materials to differentiate themselves. Read More

21 Jun

Welcome to the new IAPStore.com!


Welcome to the brand new IAPStore.com! We know the changes may have caught you off guard but we here at IAP decided that the site deserved a much needed upgrade to better serve all of your customer needs. If you happened to have a user account on the old version of the site, you will have to register for a new account on the new site. Aside from that we still have our extensive catalog of some of your favorite music plus a whole lot more.